Join the IHG

There are three membership options:

Full membership £6000 per 6 months
Associate membership £1000 per year
£500 per year (for very small companies)
Academic membership £500 per year

Prices are in GBP and are exclusive of VAT where applicable.

If you would like to join or discuss any details, please e-mail

Full membership

Full members take part in the the collaborative development scheme. This gives full members voting rights in how their pooled resources are spent on development and maintenance projects.

Full membership is ideal for companies that make significant use of Haskell and wish to fund specific projects. See the collaborative development page for the full details of the scheme.

Associate and Academic membership

Membership money from associate and academic members is used to fund work on the Haskell development platform. There is no voting on precisely what work gets funded but the suggestions and priorities of members are taken into account.

Associate and academic membership is ideal for companies and academic groups that wish to support the general health of the Haskell development platform.

The activities funded by these members will be reported to the community as a whole via regular blog posts, with a summary posted on this site.

Academic membership is open to academic departments or research groups.

The small company discount is available to companies with 10 or fewer employees.

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